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Three Line Feeder

Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory feeders are used to orient and discharge parts in numerous processing applications. Varied design and size options along with the capability to feed different parts makes our vibratory feeders unique. Our vibratory feeders are made from stainless steel to ensure high efficiency during heavy duty operations. Our services include flexible lead times, custom design for each application, equipment designed for long term operation, administrative support, and following thru with delivery commitments. Through our highly trained domestic and international field representatives, we provide the highest quality of timely support.


Centrifugal Feeders

The centrifugal feeders manufactured at Hoosier Feeder Company are specifically designed with quality and efficiency in mind. Our proficiency and experience allow us to handle complex applications effectively. By using robust tooling practices, our machines offer “hands off” gentle parts handling that reduces downtime and increases productivity. Our centrifugal feeders are used to serve a broad range of industries from automotive and medical to assembly and packaging. What customers of Hoosier Feeder Company have come to expect include flexible lead times, custom designs for each application, equipment designed for long term operation, administrative support, and following thru with delivery commitments. Through our highly ...

Solid Mount

Inline Feeders

Hoosier Feeder Company offers an extensive range of inline feeders with different specifications to meet customer requirements. Inline feeders or linear feeders are vibratory feeding devices that transfer parts from a feeder bowl into machines, part placement devices, or to operators. Inline feeders align parts in a linear fashion across tracks to ensure smooth transportation of specific parts.

Flexlink conveyor


Conveyors are transportation devices that carry parts from/to feeder bowls in a controlled motion. We provide conveyors with different types of belts and belt speeds to meet the varied automation requirements of customers. Our conveyors are known for their versatile functions in the automotive, medical, consumer, electronics, printing, and packaging industries.

cleated incline

Bulk Supply Hoppers and Elevators

Sometimes the bulk delivery of parts to a feeder is the key to efficiency of the entire feed system. At Hoosier Feeder Company our hoppers and elevators are designed and manufactured with the entire feed system in mind. We provide elevators and bulk hoppers according to customer specifications. Specially-designed hoppers will allow feeding of parts in huge quantities with lower load heights. Our elevators can effectively carry bulk parts to a parts feeder at controlled speeds. Our products are used for different part handling applications in numerous industries.

Adjustable Table

Machine Bases

Machine bases are supporting devices that function as a stable foundation for mounting different tools, instruments, and equipment. A machine base is as important to the success of a feed system as the feeder itself. You can put a great bowl on a bad base and have less than desired results. Hoosier Feeder Company manufactures a very solid and robust machine base to insure the success of our system. We manufacture machine bases in different sizes with flexible leveling options. Our machine bases are made from materials of high grades to offer maximum support.


Escapement Mechanisms

Escapements are designed to isolate individual parts for the assembly process. We offer a range of escapements, which are adaptable to all kinds of part sizes and tooling requirements in numerous industries.

Aluminum Sound Enclosure

Sound Enclosures

At Hoosier Feeder Company we offer a range of options to help reduce the noise in the working environment. Sound enclosures are used to bring the noise level of the feed system down to an acceptable limit. Most enclosures will bring the Dba level down below 80. Enclosures also offer protection for the feed system in some harsh environments and clean room applications.


Repair and Field Service

Hoosier Feeder Company offers repair and field services for parts handling systems regardless of the original supplier or manufacturer. Our maintenance and repair services will help upgrade your system and increase its operational efficiency. Our services are utilized by numerous industries, from automotive and medical to assembly and packaging.

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